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Tribes2New on the Pond (Week of May 27, 2007)
Posted by: Celios on May 30, 2007 - 11:04 PM
We've been getting inundated with new maps lately, as well as a few updates to old ones:

Jackpot, a new map by a tiny fishie himself has been posted. By touching the switch, the offense is given random rewards. The more times you hit it, the more likely that reward will be a cap!

Alundra's Lakeside Assault has also been added. In it, the offense must disable all three Generators simultaneously and prevent repairs for 15 seconds in order to cap.

Trojan Horse by Geordi W is his second crazy Siege map. Here, the offense must attack a number of unrepairable Generators in sequential order so that a path for their MPB is cleared. They must then drive the MPB into the enemy stronghold and capture it from within.

Scuba Siege by Verna is fairly self-explanatory. The offense assaults ever more distant bases (each Gen is unrepairable) until they finally reach the Switch base. Here, destroying any of the four Gens allows the offense to cap.

Witchhead by Celios has been put up and thoroughly tested. Similar to Uphill Battle, it forces the offense to attack one unrepairable Generator at a time in order to progress. Each of these is partially protected by ForceField Gens, though be warned that all of them are also accessible by a "back door" route (this includes the Switch!)

On the map update side of things, Prismatic by propain has been given a Pond Edition treatment. The ForceField tower has been removed entirely and replaced with a Generator in the base itself that may or may not be taken out in the future.

Finally, Reprisal by Celios has been updated based on feedback. The ForceField Gens have been renamed "Primary" and "Secondary" and must now be attacked sequentially. The Secondary Gen (previously the upper FF Gen) has also been made far easier to attack thanks to a second chute having been added, thus making the back route as effective as the front one. The offense has also been sped up a bit by giving them two routes of attack right off the bat, as well as elevator FFs to support them. Last but not least, the Switch Gen is now easier to defend since the giant FF down there is now gone when the Main Gens go out. Hope you like the changes!

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