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Tribes2New on the Pond (Week of June 3rd, 2007)
Posted by: Celios on Jun 07, 2007 - 08:33 AM
New stuff on the mapping front:

An Inconvenient Siege by Verna: The offense must destroy a number of generators, thus decreasing the "power level" and improving the weather. Once the power level drops below 0, the switch becomes permanently exposed.

Cutoff by hcats: The offense must knock down a series of solar panels as they push deeper into the enemy base. Whenever it is active, an Auto Repair generator within the base slowly repairs most of the defenders' assets, however. Only the Quick Access panel is unrepairable and disabling it makes attacking the two panels needed to cap a breeze.

Sojourn by Celios: A simple map that plays something like a cross between Respite and Frozen Shadows. The offense must disable the North and South forcefield generators to cap (though they do not necessarily have to be down at once - switch defense is key!) The attacking team may also choose to destroy the North and South Base generators as well, thereby making the forcefield gens far easier to assault.

As for map updates:

Death From Below -Pond Edition- by ???Unknown???: The final base is no longer campable and an invo can once again be deployed by the defense in the Hilltop tower's upper window (the forcefield previously preventing this has been moved).

Turbide by Celios: Added some waypoint code so teams can now easily notice the Equipment generator (destroying it makes attacking the forcefield base much easier). Also removed the two forcefield base turrets.

Witchhead by Celios: Made a few of the easier gens a bit tougher. The switch can now only be capped by killing both gens.

Last but not least, some of the newer maps' rotation requirements have been adjusted.

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