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Tribes2New on the Pond (Week of June 24th, 2007)
Posted by: Celios on Jun 23, 2007 - 09:23 PM
New maps on the pond this week:

Aloysius by Verna: A classic indoor Siege map. Destroy the unrepairable Forcefield generator to gain access to the base, then disable the three generators within to cap.

Night Time Sands by Thecarisonfire: Destroy the Plateau generator to expose the Hilltop gen. Neither of these are repairable and disabling both allows the attacking team to mount an attack on the Hillside generator, which controls access to the switch. A remote outpost solar panel makes attacking this generator easier, as does a repairable offensive bunker. Finally, a backdoor to the switch also exists, though it's not exactly an easy route to take!

Map updates:

Hey Now! by Geordi W: The mini blue FF on the Forcefield generator has been removed, making it easier to kill.

Sojourn by Celios: The map has been made a bit harder to attack and easier to defend. The North (Drifts base) Forcefield generator is now no longer completely exposed when the Base generator is destroyed. Rather, the green FFs leading outside become orange. As for the South (Thin Ice base), one of the chutes leading up to the Forcefield generator is now defense-only, and the other is blocked by an orange FF, making it more defendable.

Turbide by Celios has been completely remade as Early Morning Mist: The terrain is now different, the second base has been moved and the Forcefield generator has been changed completely. It now works in Ultima Thule style, lying in an out-of-the-way tower and being unrepairable.

Witchhead by Celios: The Underground generator has been made a bit more defendable. Whenever the Forcefield generators are destroyed, the green FF running through the upper level no longer vanishes, but becomes orange instead.

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