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Topic: What's New @ the pond

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What's New @ the pond Pond Siege Server Back Up
Posted by: Celios on Friday, January 23, 2009 - 08:56 AM
Because of the whole Tribes Next revival that has been going on, fishie has once again gotten the pond siege server back up. There are some technical issues right now, but Red Shifter is slaving away fixing them as we speak. :] Hopefully we'll start seeing full siege pubs again now that we've gotten such a large influx of new players. Drop by the #pond irc channel on irc.tribalwar.com if you're interested!

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What's New @ the pond Things are Happening
Posted by: Celios on Friday, February 01, 2008 - 09:47 PM
You may or may not have noticed already that the forums have been reorganized a bit today (as in consolidated and/or killed off en-mass). For those that are wondering, this is not (solely) because I'm crazy and looking for a way to waste time. You see, something is happening!

First off, fishie has procured a brand new Team Fortress 2 server! Currently hosted in New York, it will probably be moved over to a more central location soon (Dallas or maybe Chicago). The server will be running cp maps, so feel free to shoot fishie some suggestions for user-made maps you've seen that you think would work. Also, if anyone has any ideas for good admin mods to run, let him know as he's having a bit of trouble digging up recommendations on that front. Finally, the HLX stats software will, of course, be incorporated. Though the server obviously isn't set up for pub play yet, you can add it to your favorite by looking for the-pond.com in your server browser.

Secondly, the Tribes 2 server will likely be taken down soon since it hasn't been used in quite a while. I'm not sure if anyone would like to try to reverse that trend by getting Siege pubs going again (on a new day maybe?) before this happens. If you feel like taking one last stab at organizing them, I'll make sure you're set up with admin access and such. Barring that, it may just be the end of an era. :[

Finally, a new TF2 forum has been added. Feel free to start spamming it with suggestions for the server.

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What's New @ the pond Merry Christmas!
Posted by: Celios on Monday, December 26, 2005 - 01:55 AM
From everyone here at the pond, have a very Merry Christmas to everyone! Stay safe and enjoy the holidays.

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What's New @ the pond Server Move Complete
Posted by: Celios on Friday, September 30, 2005 - 06:03 AM
After only a day without teamspeak, things are back to normal again as the pond completes its move to its new host. You may have noticed a few minor updates and changes to the site recently - we hope this will be just the tip of the iceberg as we move towards bringing the site back up to speed. The immediate results of the server move are a change in IP addresses, which means you'll have to re-add the T2 server to your favorites (new IP: Also changed is the login info for the TS2 server; keep in mind that you have to enter the port now (new address: voice.the-pond.com:8749). And, last but not least, the T2 server has also been moved over to a Windows box. Compatability and crashing problems will (hopefully) be reduced, just in time for our first Saturday PU on the new server. Many thanks go out to Brandon of branzone.com for hosting us.

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What's New @ the pond Need help with Guild Wars?
Posted by: Celios on Tuesday, August 09, 2005 - 10:24 AM
For those of you who've recently moved into Guild Wars, it might be worth it to check out our new GW forum. We've recently added some useful links for those of you trying to unlock all the skills and outposts, as well as some advice on Tengu farming for those in need of runes.

Also, if you're part of the [pond] in-game guild (or want to become a member), make sure you've updated the Guild Member Listing with your info.

Happy hunting!

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