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Tribes 2 Just-in-Time Updates (For February 28th, 2009)
Posted by: Celios on Saturday, February 28, 2009 - 09:38 PM
A few quick updates on what should be up and running in time for tonight's pub:

First off, the pond edition of Delirium has been remade and seems to finally be working properly this week. I'm not sure what was broken with the quick pass FF, but recopying RS's code seems to have fixed it.

Second, Persistence has been updated slightly to make it a bit easier to defend. The green FFs now become orange rather than disappearing completely when a generator is disabled. This means that the attacking team can still get at the gens they disable, but they can no keep them down by spamming them from the outside. Hopefully this will lead to more successful repairs and slightly longer rounds.

Third, I went back to tweak Witchhead's final switch base since people seemed like the map a lot last week. The number of forcefields and their layout has been drastically simplified since I'm pretty sure no one ever really understood it. The switch was also moved to a much more defensible area. You're now forced to travel through the base to get to it and the spot it's in actually allows you to defend it with something other than a satchel. The gens are still fairly easy to kill though and they are now the sole source of power for the equipment, so it's a very attrition-heavy final stage similar to Uphill Battle's.

Fourth, Northern Winds, the Ultima Thule-based CnH map has been restored. We lost the most up-to-date version when the server went down, so it had to be remade.

Finally, a brand new CnH map has been added, called Iron Fist. This map plays very differently from your average CnH fare. It is essentially a 2-sided version Gauntlet. Each team has an identical base and a switch that they own, which is accessible either via the back door or by disabling the Forcefield generator. Capping the enemy team's switch kills you and repairs all of that team's assets. However, it also costs them dearly - they are unable to retake their switch for a full minute. In effect, it's a Siege map where you're attacking and defending at the same time, with whichever team manages the most caps getting the win. In any event, it should be interesting to try.

Hope to see you at the pub!

P.S. We will have Convoy. :]

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What's New @ the pond Pond Siege Server Back Up
Posted by: Celios on Friday, January 23, 2009 - 08:56 AM
Because of the whole Tribes Next revival that has been going on, fishie has once again gotten the pond siege server back up. There are some technical issues right now, but Red Shifter is slaving away fixing them as we speak. :] Hopefully we'll start seeing full siege pubs again now that we've gotten such a large influx of new players. Drop by the #pond irc channel on irc.tribalwar.com if you're interested!

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What's New @ the pond Things are Happening
Posted by: Celios on Friday, February 01, 2008 - 09:47 PM
You may or may not have noticed already that the forums have been reorganized a bit today (as in consolidated and/or killed off en-mass). For those that are wondering, this is not (solely) because I'm crazy and looking for a way to waste time. You see, something is happening!

First off, fishie has procured a brand new Team Fortress 2 server! Currently hosted in New York, it will probably be moved over to a more central location soon (Dallas or maybe Chicago). The server will be running cp maps, so feel free to shoot fishie some suggestions for user-made maps you've seen that you think would work. Also, if anyone has any ideas for good admin mods to run, let him know as he's having a bit of trouble digging up recommendations on that front. Finally, the HLX stats software will, of course, be incorporated. Though the server obviously isn't set up for pub play yet, you can add it to your favorite by looking for the-pond.com in your server browser.

Secondly, the Tribes 2 server will likely be taken down soon since it hasn't been used in quite a while. I'm not sure if anyone would like to try to reverse that trend by getting Siege pubs going again (on a new day maybe?) before this happens. If you feel like taking one last stab at organizing them, I'll make sure you're set up with admin access and such. Barring that, it may just be the end of an era. :[

Finally, a new TF2 forum has been added. Feel free to start spamming it with suggestions for the server.

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Tribes 2 New on the Pond (Week of October 14th, 2007)
Posted by: Celios on Sunday, October 14, 2007 - 01:59 AM
Just a minor update to report this week. Empire by Paint it Black has been updated with a Pond Edition of the map. The Airbase generator can no longer be killed before the Disruptor gen and a few of the forcefields have been made quick pass.

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Tech Center Dynamix IRC Back Up! (Updated)
Posted by: Celios on Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 09:52 PM
After a brief hiatus, the Dynamix irc server is working once more. Come join us in #pond on irc.dynamix.com

Update: Disregard the above; the irc server has gone down for good. The pond has officially moved over to #pond on irc.tribalwar.com! Look for us there.

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